Agency Ad accounts (Facebook/Tik Tok/ Snapchat/Pinterest)

  • February 14, 2024
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Agency Ad accounts (Facebook/Tik Tok/ Snapchat/Pinterest)
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How to Purchase:
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Key Benefits

- Immediate Support: Get direct support from platform reps.
- Swift Request Handling: Expect responses in under an hour, typically just 30 minutes.
- Skip the Warmup: Dive straight into action with no delays.
- Advanced Software: Manage requests and access detailed history data with ease.
- Unlimited Ad Accounts: Experience the freedom of unlimited agency ad accounts.
- Expert Guidance: Access our comprehensive guides and recommendations.
- 24/7 top ups, no holidays.

Seemless Setup

Once you join us, we'll fast-track the approval of your assets. Our direct relationship with platforms ensures the highest trust tier for your accounts, minimizing the risk of unexpected bans.

Top-Up and Payment Info

All ad accounts are pre-paid and need to be topped up before use.

- Initial Top-Up: A $500 starter for each new account.
- Payment Methods: Wise, Stripe, Revolut, Airwallex, Crypto
- Account Currencies: USD/EURS.

Compliance & Conditions

We'll review your business to ensure it aligns with our standards, focusing on your website and creatives.

Unbeatable Pricing Structure:

For just $199/month, get all-inclusive access to all media channels, with no hidden or onboarding fees.

Exclusive Monthly Plan Offers

1. Zero Top-Up Fees: Say goodbye to fees on ad spends across platforms like Meta, Snapchat, Bing, and more.
2. Huge Discounts Up to 80%: Explore unbeatable rates for assets on our 'Purchase Assets' page - exclusive for monthly plan members.
3. Up to 2% Cashback: Earn up to 2% cashback on your ad spends, applicable to all platforms except Google & TikTok.

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